COLOUR FANATIC Multi-tasking deep-conditioning mask

COLOUR FANATIC Multi-tasking deep-conditioning mask

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Life’s simply too short for a mask that doesn’t offer you multiple benefits - and that’s where Pureology Colour Fanatic Deep Treatment Mask comes in. Cut your haircare regime in half with this 20-in-1 benefit mask that will leave your coloured hair in better condition than it’s ever been before! Curious about what benefits you’ll experience?

  1. Helps nourish the hair
  2. Fills in damaged areas
  3. Instantly detangles
  4. Locks in moisture
  5. Helps restore hair’s healthy look
  6. Restores hair’s hydrated feel
  7. Helps create a uniform cuticle
  8. Split End Treatment & Prevention
  9. Hair Breakage Treatment from Daily Brushing & Combing
  10. Strengthens Hair Fiber
  11. Repair and Protect Heat Damaged Hair
  12. Shields Hair Against Environmental Damage
  13. Hair Colour & Protection
  14. Leave-In Conditioner
  15. Hair Detangler Spray
  16. Blow Dry Spray for Quick Drying
  17. Moisturizer for Dry Hair
  18. Helps Reduce Hair Porosity
  19. Conditions Weightlessly
  20. Hair Cutting Lotion